Analyst: political risks will impede the success of the Chinese blockbuster platform in the world.

China Infrastructure Block Platform (BSN) will continue to develop steadily in the country, but will not become a global network in the near future. This opinion was expressed by Forrester Chief Analyst Martha Bennett in an interview with Cointelegraph.

„Companies will be afraid to participate in initiatives that are closely linked to the Chinese state. There are also concerns about the level of government control over network access points,“ she says.

According to her, BSN’s global success will be negatively affected by US sanctions, along with the desire of many countries to reduce dependence on China.

Scepticism about the global version of the platform has also been expressed by former VeChain Chief Operating Officer Kevin Feng. He also sees the geopolitical climate around China as a key challenge for BSN International.

„American or European companies are concerned that much of the infrastructure of the BSN Blockchain is hosted by Chinese cloud providers,“ he said.

However, He Yifan, CEO of privately owned Red Date Technology, which is responsible for BSN’s development, said the current geopolitical climate has not affected the platform’s progress.

„Half of our technical partners are from the US and we are working closely with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud,“ he said.

BSN officially launched in April 2020 after six months of beta testing. In July, the platform was divided into two parts – BSN China and BSN International. The first one focuses on China and the second on other countries.

In August, BSN added support for six public blocks, and later integrated the DAML smart contract language from the American company Digital Asset.