In Córdoba they held Meetup on agriculture, Blockchain and Internet of Things

Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender held a second online meetingup on Blockchain technology and the Internet of Things applied to agriculture as part of the Agtech 2020 Innovation Hub.

The meeting was attended by about 40 people including specialists, mentors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors from the Agtech sector, according to a press release on the official site of the Government of Córdoba.

The event included the presentation of three useful cases of the application of disruptive technologies in agriculture, which presented their value proposal for the participants. They were Agrobait, Tracestory and Optiagro.

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Of the three proposals, Tracestory highlights its proposal with the use of the chain of blocks. The company offers technological support to share information between the different value chains in the production process in a safe and transparent way through the application of Blockchain technology.

The remaining uses technologies such as IoT and hybrid solutions in the ‚cloud‘ to record information, systematize and offer the customer for better decision making.

Tracestory allows the traceability of the origin of products throughout the value chain of a particular production process, which conveys confidence to the consumer because its tool with the use of the blockchain is synonymous with quality.

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The process of the entire production chain is achieved through three general steps that Tracestory calls: Relaying, Charting and Sharing. In general, the information is collected, digitized and shared with all the actors that are part of the productive chain through a QR code that can be scanned from any device and access the immutable information in the blockchain.

The jury during the event was made up of a group of recognized personalities in the sector, who were able to learn first-hand about the developments that are taking place in the province with the use of disruptive technologies, specifically in the agricultural sector.

The objective of the meeting was to „increase private investment in local technology-based projects and generate a network of mentors to collaborate in advising these initiatives,“ as described in the official note.

Córdoba Pro-Blockchain

The city of Cordoba in Argentina is one of the pillars of the region in terms of adoption and development of useful cases in Blockchain technology.

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In that sense, last July and August, the local government promotes the Córdoba Blockchain Hub, an intersectorial space formed from the local leadership through its Ministry of Science and Technology and the local technology clusters, as well as technology-based companies and StartUps, together with Universities that make life in the region, in order to work together to generate projects linked to the blockchain.

The Meetup in that opportunity was carried out online and transmitted through the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Science and Technology, so participants could learn first-hand the advances around the Bitcoin Future technology in the province in the agro-industrial, health and legal sectors, among others.

The initiatives emanating from the local government seek to strengthen the promotion of the strong development that Blockchain technology has in the region, which have generated an important space both nationally and internationally, with cases of solid use that are references in various parts of the world.