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Our Gay Rehab Center

We understand that finding an addiction treatment program that is comfortable and effective may be difficult for the gay community. Lakeview Health Systems has created a gay-friendly rehab program that has been designed just for you, allowing you to detox safely and attend drug rehab in comfort. Alienation and discrimination have plagued the LGBT community, but Lakeview Health's Gay Rehab Program can provide refuge from the judgment of others.

Societal factors, sexual health, abandonment and neglect are all concerns specific to the gay community and have a direct impact on drug and alcohol abuse. Entering our gay rehab center is the first step toward healing. Read More >>

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What to Expect from LGBT Addiction Treatment

Deciding to enter LGBT addiction treatment is a courageous commitment and the decision will have a positive impact on the rest of your life. LGBT addiction treatment is similar to the traditional treatment programs, with a focus on the special problems that lead to addiction for LGBT people.

Using drugs and alcohol is emotionally numbing and you cannot manage your daily struggles in a healthy way. You also internalize the negative opinions of society, family and religious organizations, which contribute to the desire to self-medicate and escape. Lakeview's gay-friendly addiction treatment program provides you with a safe environment to address all the painful issues that contribute to your addiction.